John Archer  - Backing vocals Guitar and keyboards

Born in Wednesbury, West Midlands, His musical roots go back to his parents who both sang. Johns father was known as the Bass Baritone of the Midlands in the late 50s and
early 60’s

His musical influences range from The Beatles, in particular Paul McCartney, Shadows, Kinks through to Take That  He started to play guitar and keyboard at seventeen
and during the 60s began to write songs and perform them live with groups The Clique
and then Multus Motus.
After a break of ten years, in 1979 he joined a group called Omega; the bass player being Paul McHugh. After a few changes of personnel, in 1986 the duo After Eight was formed.

In 1992 Paul and John began to write with friend and lyricist John Bowker.
Seven albums have been produced so far,the latest being Another Day with After Eight. John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004 but continued to play live until August 2013 due the worsening condition of his Parkinson’s.